Our Services


Measurement and Verification


Yimelo provides specialist reporting using our extensive library of data exchanges: public data, third party data or direct collection.


Check list and Validation services


The checkIT module is the ideal way to produce quick, consistent checklist reports for yourself and your stakeholders.


Data parsing


We write middleware so that your systems can talk to one another.  Our specialty is transforming data from different structures to make it compatible between two systems so that they can share a single source of truth.


EDMS data delivery


With a specialist API and data exchange ecosystem, we can deliver data to any activity in the EDMS, long before any bills are provided by retailers.  We specialize in the delivery of daily solar data in a weekly data parcel (which is the shortest interval combo allowed by dhs) that fulfills your obligations under the Financial Reporting Directives outlined by the state government for solar arrays on public health facilities.


Energy reports


We can provide customized energy reports in PDF or excel format to assist with your reporting needs.  You will never have to cut and paste one report that’s not quire right into another report ever again!


Compliance and Reporting


Do you need assistance with your NPI, NGERS or IPMVP based reports?  We can help with anything from minor consulting services to full report and M&V system design.

Workshop Service and Fabrication Support

Yimelo has an extensive workshop to support your project. We specialize in making brackets, instrument holders, frames and custom equipment to accommodate a vast array of fabrication, welding and machining support applications.